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NodeCore Android Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for ROllerozxa's NodeCore Android app (package name se.voxelmanip.nodecore). The app source code is available here.

What Information is collected

By default the app makes connections to the following services:

When a request is sent, the following is logged in "access logs":

  1. IP address
  2. timestamp
  3. page URL, and
  4. response status code.

When you connect to a third-party multiplayer server, the server owner may log additional data under a different policy. Please be sure to read the privacy policy of the given multiplayer server before connecting.

How this is information used

The access logs are used for maintenance, debugging and to detect and mitigate potential attacks.

Who has access to this information

Only the administrator of the given service has access to the access log. Excerpts may be shared with other developers or staff members to aid with debugging.


The access logs will be deleted within a few weeks as log rotation deletes the oldest logs after a given time.